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How are businesses building trust online?

Businesses are transforming themselves online. Digital communication, online reviews, and leveraging the proper technology are just a few ways that businesses are building closer relationships with their clients and generating leads. They are becoming more agile, serving their clients better, and improving quality interactions – building trust.

Research from Capgemini shows that enterprises and businesses who start to transform themselves online experience success in these top 3 areas:

the customer experience
existing products and services
reach to new markets

Here are some interesting statistics

of internet users research products and services online and base buying decisions off of reviews

Content marketing drives 3x as many leads as traditional

of consumers feel companies with original content are more trustworthy and interested in building relationships

Understanding your clients will help you build better relationships with them

Are you watching your reviews, generating more clients, analyzing who is visiting your website, or even comparing your performance online to your competitors? Doing so will provide your company with opportunities to:

Analyze multiple touch points
Uncover new revenue streams
Recommend and personalize
Predict customer behavior
Let us help you build online trust with your clients ยป

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