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SEO copywriting services

More than 70 percent of businesses and 80 percent of consumers turn to search when researching an upcoming product purchase. With our SEO copywriting services, which focus on producing blogs and articles for your website, you can capture users in the early stages of the buying funnel — and then guide them to conversion. We maximize the impact of your original articles and blog posts by researching your target audience. Our team learns their pain points and wants, which allows us to develop content that appeals to them, plus supports your digital marketing goals.

Our copywriting team also helps your copy appear in relevant search results by including keywords that coordinate with your content’s topic. For example, an article that discusses how to landscape a front yard may feature the keyword, “front yard landscaping ideas,” in a few paragraphs.  Incorporating relevant keywords into your content helps your website rank for high-value searches related to your business. If you’re a landscaper, for example, a blog post about landscaping front lawns allows you to reach some of your target audience.

Website sales and technical copywriting services

Whether you’re looking to add content to a new service page or update existing service pages, our sales and technical copywriting services can match your needs. When you select this service, our award-winning digital marketers develop a content and keyword strategy for your service pages. Our copywriters then write your reader-friendly and search engine-friendly copy. This targeted copy helps boost your website’s rank in search results, which leads to more high-value traffic to your site. For users, this copy is persuasive and convincing, which maximizes your conversions. Like our SEO copywriting services, we invest the time to learn your business, industry, and target market. It’s all a part of our commitment to developing a personalized strategy, as well as working as an extension of your in-house team. No matter your industry, target market, or product, this service is an excellent option.

Ecommerce product description copywriting services

We know that different businesses in different industries have different needs. That’s why we offer website copywriter services for product descriptions. If you’re an ecommerce store, this service is a tremendous help to your team, as it ensures all your products have compelling, informative, and search-friendly descriptions. Use our copywriter services to not only create descriptions of your products but also help them rank for high-traffic keywords that can bring more shoppers to your site. For maximum impact, our copywriters invest the time to research your product’s uses, features, and market. That investment creates copy that converts.

Long-form or skyscraper content copywriting

Shoppers, as well as search engines, love long-form content — also known as skyscraper content. This content draws readers to your site and keeps them there longer. It can also direct them to helpful, related content, like a blog post, article, or even a product page. What is long-form content, though? It’s a specialized form of web copywriting that answers a question or provides solutions to a problem. A skyscraper piece of content often includes specific, actionable details that keep users hooked. The best part is that long-form content comes with the best chance of maintaining a high ranking over time. For the best results, we recommend our outreach or promotion services for long-form content. While it costs $600 per asset, it helps your content reach its target audience — it can even lead to your skyscraper post becoming a viral hit.

In-depth online guide copywriting

Our website copywriter services also include in-depth online guide copywriting. Compared to long-form content, guides are even more extensive. They also have the potential to pay some serious dividends, as your business can repurpose them for generating leads, earning email subscribers, and more. For example, companies often offer guides for free, in exchange for a user’s email address. With this copywriting service, you can reach out to potential customers and offer them something of value — a guide that answers their questions, resolves their problems, and connects them with the product or service they need.

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I would highly recommend ThinkPod for any web needs. They do a great job of taking a concept and turning it into not only something that works and drives incredible traffic, but something that’s better than you had even envisioned. I’ve had some pretty unique web functionality needs, and they have met my expectation each and every time. The team is prompt anytime we need changes made, or when anything comes up. What I like most is their willingness to research solutions and think outside the box.

Charlene Bell

Marketing Coordinator - IU Health Goshen

ThinkPod is a top notch agency. I have worked and used them for many years. They really know how to deliver a solid solutions that make their clients look world-class.

Art Hicks

Owner - Viviscape

Our experience with ThinkPod was outstanding. The Frankfort Library had a very outdated website, and ThinkPod worked with us for over a year to completely redesign the site (and to stay within our budget). The owner, Aubrey Burkhart, brought creativity and a real passion for smart, innovative design to the process. One of the most amazing aspects of the collaboration was how well they listened to our ideas and worked to integrate what they heard into the final product. For instance, the library has a unique emphasis on arts and culture. ThinkPod took this concept to heart and the result was the striking visual appeal of the pages combined with great functionality. A little “artsy” edginess combined with ease of use produced a truly satisfying user experience. Our website sends the message, “This library is a beautiful, vibrant community space that can be enjoyed physically or digitally.” ThinkPod’s technical virtuosity and strong aesthetic made this possible. They have been with us every step since the launch making further enhancements and maintaining the safety and security of the website. They have built a strong relationship with our library by listening to us and advising us. I have raved about this company to other library administrators and will continue to do so.

Tom Smith

Director of Marketing - Frankfort Community Public Library

I am now entering my 31st year in business as a commercial photographer. I have work alongside many great creative people. ThinkPod has been on the top of my list for many of those years. Whether it be Web Design, Advertising or Marketing, I would highly recommend them to any business looking to get their name, product or service out there and in front of their potential customers. Smart, talented and above all, honest folks!

John Tirotta

Owner - Tirotta Photo Productions

The ThinkPod team designed a great website for us that I’ve gotten tons of compliments on and that has also generated a great deal of business! As the website (and the company) grows, we hope to use them again!

Sean Homrig

Owner - Murder For Hire

I have used the services, and recommended the services of, ThinkPod for several years on many different projects. From website development to marketing campaigns to Logo design and flyers. They have never let me down, and exceed my expectations on a regular basis by taking a project that I give them to a much better and happier place than what I had imagined at its conception and they continuously hit her deadlines.

I will continue to recommend ThinkPod along with continuing to offer her projects of my own in the future. I cannot imagine referring work elsewhere, she is simply the best!!

Barry Skalski

Owner - The Home Team, Cressy & Everett, 2015 REALTOR Of The Year for Indiana

ThinkPod communicated our mission and message in a creative, clear and concise format. Aubrey and her team are so easy to work with and always provide a quick turn-around time. She also recommended an excellent printing service and worked with them to ensure everything was set-up correctly. Greatly appreciated their service, particularly given our time crunch.

Heather Adams

Manager - University Of Notre Dame, Division Of Student Affairs

ThinkPod has been great to work with on various web projects! They were wonderful at explaining things to me through the development of our new website, which I am thrilled with! Speedy and reliable service. I would highly recommend them for any web needs.

Libby Stout

Survivor Network Coordinator - Center for Cancer Care, IU Health Goshen

ThinkPod has been been our partner for a few years now. They are great to work with! The work product is excellent and they provide a personal touch that shows they truly care about improving your business. Can’t recommend them enough!

Jeff Franger

Owner - Franger Gas

I knew that ThinkPod was the right choice when it came to building a new site for my own business. They always offer fresh designs and get the work done on my timeline, which as a business owner I really appreciate! I love the work that they do – and Aubrey and her team carefully listened to my needs throughout the process. As the website evolved, they stayed flexible and attentive, and the end result was a functional, great looking website that suited my audience perfectly and increased our web-based sales considerably.

Alexis Graham

Owner - Chicagoland Mobility

I work closely with ThinkPod Agency almost every day. Their responsiveness to our requests is outstanding and they are dependable to do what they say they will do. They are very knowledgeable and if we are working on a difficult issue, they keep at it until it’s resolved. I appreciate their hard work, expertise and commitment to their clients! Thank you, ThinkPod, for being there for us!

Julia Mohney

Community Outreach Data Specialist - Goshen Health

The team at ThinkPod is beyond talented at what they do! Not only have they been the easiest people to work with, but they have managed to exceed every single expectation we had our for our business website. I truly believe the website they have created for us will take our business to the next level. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to advertise their business and increase their client base. Each member of the ThinkPod team brought their own specialty to the table and in the end we were left with the most comprehensive, user friendly, and beautiful website we could have ever imagined. Honestly, we had no idea what we were getting into. But they took the time to walk us through every step of the way and now we couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. ThinkPod agency is the way to go. You will not be disappointed!!

Josh and Sarah Pemberton

Owner - Pemberton Commercial Landscaping

Our company has worked with ThinkPod for over 7 years, and in that time, they have delivered countless website projects for us. Each and every time, they are terrific at being conscientious about the big picture and how the website will work within our Marketing strategy, as well as the technical and safety issues that are paramount for websites. They want to understand how the website will help the client, and go out of their way to offer ideas and bells/whistles to help achieve the goals. They are quick to respond, terrific to work with, and we look forward to working together for many more years!

Jen Pera

CEO - Pera Media Strategies

Pretty amazing team. Extremely creative, but focused on how to generate revenue. We are thrilled with the dedication and talent of this team. Aubrey’s vision, combined with ThinkPod’s skilled and experienced staff, has helped our company gain visibility in the markets we serve. Their data-driven approach is generating qualified leads. Highly recommended!

Dave Hofferbert

Owner - Bond Technologies
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