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Quick tips to add your Holiday Social Media Marketing to the Nice List

Forget last minute gifts – let’s talk about last minute marketing! Did you forget to plan your company’s social media presence this holiday season? This hectic time of year sometimes means our personal and professional calendars are full — with shopping, family gatherings, office parties, meetings and big end of the year pushes to meet company goals. Things can fall off that list by mistake. If you haven’t been operating from a well-thought-out Marketing plan, your holiday social media marketing efforts might be looking a little weak right now.

But just as sure as there is time to mail your letter to Santa, there is still time to create festive holiday content. Just a few key social media or blog posts can showcase your company, keep your products and services on your customers’ minds — and earn your holiday social media marketing a spot on the Nice List! (And be sure to check out this helpful tool from HubSpot. You’ll never miss out on a chance to share trending holiday content again!)

Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Do a simple “12 Days of Christmas” holiday special or list.

Take a cue from the popular Christmas song. Pick a product or service and feature it every day for the 12 days leading to Christmas day. This could be as simple as a different gift suggestion each day or choosing a daily item or service to offer at a discount (how about 12 percent off?).

  1. Embrace the Nostalgia

Get into the Christmas-spirit by asking social media followers what their favorite Christmas movie, tradition or carol is. Try holding a quick contest – ask your followers to share their funniest childhood picture with Santa and offer a small prize for the winner. Voting can be as simple as awarding the prize to the photo with the most “likes.”

  1. Create a Holiday Hashtag

Create a holiday hashtag specific to your brand and begin using it in all your social media posts this season. #MerryMarketing

  1. Update your cover and profile photo.

This is the easiest one. Add a dash of festiveness to your social media accounts by updating your cover and profile photos to include some Christmas imagery. If you need help creating a company specific image that uses your logo, let us know. #TPAHereToSleigh

  1. Don’t forget to wish your customers a Merry Christmas.

Your customers and clients will be logging on Christmas Day to wish family and friends a Merry Christmas – and you should too. Keep it simple and heartfelt.

  1. Offer an After-Christmas Special

Take advantage of the holiday returns and holiday shopping so many of us do in the days right after Christmas, and offer and After-Christmas Special or incentive for your followers who didn’t get everything they wanted from Santa this year.

Did you forget to plan for the holidays on Social Media this year – and just don’t think you will have the time to deploy the initiatives we mention above? Let us help. #SantasElvesGotNothingOnUS

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