ThinkPod Agency is Thinking Pink

ThinkPod Agency is Thinking Pink. Clients, ask us how you can help support Breast Cancer Awareness through out tithing program.

At ThinkPod, we are thinking pink. During this time of year, it is hard not to — and that is a very good thing. While we recognize the importance of cancer screening, research and awareness year-round, we are grateful for the focus on breast cancer in October.

By talking about this at the end of October instead of the beginning, we hope to reinforce the idea that this needs to remain a focus for women everywhere.

Why? Because Breast Cancer is still the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women – the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women – and early detection remains our best defense.

At ThinkPod, we are so grateful to get to play a small part in one of our client’s awareness endeavors, currently in its 10th year. Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center is in the midst of hosting its Annual Decorated Bra Contest. And while we love the outlandishly decorated under garments, with their clever themes and taglines (we are marketers, right?), we love the contest most for the unique way it brings attention to the importance of annual screening mammograms, early breast cancer detection and risk reduction strategies.

Community members, civic groups, Goshen Health colleagues and Michiana businesses have entered their own decorated bras, and now public voting is open until October 31. You can cast your vote in person at The Retreat, or online here. For this event, each “vote” is a donation to HeartStrings Sisters, a community resource providing free screening mammograms to women in Goshen and surrounding areas.

We believe in giving back at ThinkPod – we also believe in finding ways to partner with our own awesome clients to do so. One of the ways we do this is by offering a tithing program that enables our clients to earmark 10 percent of their first monthly retainer or project invoice to be donated to a charitable organization. During Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would love for you to consider an organization such as HeartStrings Sisters that supports women fighting breast cancer right here in our own communities. If you are interested in the TPA Tithing Program, contact us today and we will fill you in on the details.

To Strong Women – may we know them, may we raise them, and may we be them. And in October (and every day, truly) may we take the time to acknowledge and support all the strong women who have courageously faced a breast cancer diagnosis.


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