The Top 6 Reasons Your Website is Not Bringing in Money

You have heard about it and known about the need to get your company website up and running, so it finally happened. Now your business is ready to explode in revenue, start attracting customers and change the world. Then…nothing. You are not generating any website traffic.

From everything you’ve read, heard and researched this was supposed to be a “set it and forget it” type of deal – right? The truth is, just ten years ago that may have been accurate, but this isn’t ten years ago. This is also the technological age, which means things happen fast and change even faster. How fast?

“October (2016) was the first month ever when more web pages were viewed on mobile and tablet devices than on desktop and laptop computers,” according to the web analytics firm StatCounter.

So why isn’t your website generating the revenue, producing the results and being as effective as you were certain it was going to be? Why is your website traffic so small? The reason could lie within one of several aspects and since we just heard about mobility, let’s start there.

  1. Mobile Matters

That trend in all things mobile isn’t done yet. Your website needs to be optimized for mobility or that growing number of active mobile users will go elsewhere. Don’t put in the work, the time and the energy driving website traffic to your site, only to lose them once they get there. An eye on being mobile-friendly in every aspect of your website will keep your visitors happy and will help you to become a company on the move.

  1. Content Counts

Content isn’t a bunch of SEO techniques tied into a “buy this” message. Content is just that and what it says to your visitors and companies is literally what your business is saying to them. Drive traffic to your site and business. Tell them your story- people want to hear it! From blogs to social media content, stay ahead of the curve, stay fresh and stay relevant.

60% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

Some people are beautiful and attract attention, then they talk. What you say will determine what happens next and influence how many visitors you attract.

  1. Be Seen with SEO

This isn’t to take anything away from the value of beauty and attraction. People are visual creatures and aesthetics is a highly regarded quality. If there isn’t anyone to see that beauty or if people can’t find you, however, what good is that visually stunning website or powerful attraction?

This is the entire core of SEO expertise: SEO will link people to you using smart keyword strategies and optimized content. With the ever-changing search engine optimization practices, staying visible and prominent is vital. Understanding and using techniques to keep you relevant to on-page, off-page or even local platforms is necessary and will be an appreciated value to your customers. Get assistance from RoofEngine and find out tips and tricks on how you can optimize the marketing od your business and generate good leads. 

  1. Provide Value

The reasons driving people to your website are going to be need-driven, want-driven or plain curiosity. Meeting those needs, satiating those wants and scratching the curious itch are how you succeed. This is called providing value, that translates into conversion.

Knowing and solving your visitor’s challenges, however, will require some knowledge.

  1. Knowledge is Power: Know Your Website Traffic Inside and Out

That means knowledge about your website traffic like the who, what and why. Then it will require some knowledge about how to use that information. HubSpot put it this way recently…

Your website is the most important tool you have for turning prospects into customers.”

Imagine knowing what your customers want, sometimes before they do. Imagine knowing where they are going to be and when, and just think of how useful that data can be. Now, imagine no more because this is the actual power of information being realized today – information that can be collected by your website.

This could also be the reason your website isn’t bringing in money. Do you have a plan for tracking, keeping, using and maximizing visitor information and customer data? Are you applying it to your website and allowing it to guide your marketing strategies?

The truth is, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with your website, the error may be in not using or using that information incorrectly.

  1. Maintaining Magnificence

Your website is awesome and only getting better. That is great but it only happens by maintaining that level of excellence. Keeping content fresh, keeping customers engaged and not getting stale are just aspects of routinely maintaining your website, often.

First Things First

The call comes in, and the call center tech support representative answers the phone, young and excited about his first day on the job. The caller is reporting an issue they are having with a printer that isn’t working. The tech’s eyes light up, his specialty. Almost two hours later, with our now-nervous and aggravated representative at his wit’s end, the caller says, “oh my – I didn’t plug it in!”

That happens, more often than you know – and not just in the technical support world. Overlooking the basics, the “small things” can be your undoing. They are the obvious but don’t think they can’t be the culprit behind your lagging or absent success.

A Work in Progress

If this sounds like a lot of work, you’d be right. Failing to execute in any one of these areas could hinder your success, failing to get it right in multiple areas…

Your website will always be a work in progress. There are always going to be areas you can improve on and new technologies that will need implemented. Your website is a reflection of your success – a work in progress, which is one more great reason to work with an inbound marketing agency to get some of the marketing tasks taken off your personal to-do list. Want to learn more? Contact us anytime to learn more about how we can help your business and website revenue grow.

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