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What does your online presence say about you or your business? How to do stack up against your competitors? How often do you keep tabs on what others might be saying about your company?

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Most business owners don’t realize that nearly every piece of information found online about their company (like customer reviews or even social media pages) has been put there by someone else.

No matter the size of your business, prospective customers and clients (or simply anyone who wants to voice an opinion) are talking about you. They are tweeting about your latest service call, leaving a comment on a customer forum, posting a Facebook update about their customer experience, commenting under news stories about your business and much more.

85% of consumers search the internet before deciding on a service or a product. Online reviews and mentions act as peer referrals and word-of-mouth.

Just like individuals seeking a job, businesses hoping to grow and attract new customers need to keep a watchful eye on what is being said about them across the Internet – both the good and the bad. Your company’s online presence sends a message to your customers, and knowing what that message is can mean the difference between a customer choosing you or one of your competitors.

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